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Buy beef directly from the one and only Papa and Grandma Glenda at Snow Creek Ranch—talented, independent ranchers. Get exclusive access to world-class beef in exchange for your support.

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When you get a Grill Sampler Package

Full Retail value $552, Champion Price $276 yours for only $176

The Grill Sampler pack includes 2 huge Ribeye Steaks, 2 large New York Strips, 18 1/3-lb pre-formed Patties of our famous Steak Burger, and 6 lbs of our famous Steak Burger in 1 lb bulk packages.

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How It Works

Our customers get the best deals and the best beef by crowd-funding the independent Snow Creek Ranch.

Support a Real Rancher

Total strangers chip in money to fund the raising the beef. Only $48 a month.

Get Rewarded

So they get insider prices, exclusive access, and free samples when they order.

Make Dreams Reality

The rancher focuses on making his dream beef and pours his passion into his work.


They don’t waste time or money on sales and marketing so they can offer better deals and everybody wins!


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Click for application form

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