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Sides & Quarters
Now Accepting Deposits for Cattle Drive
June, 2016
 Call or Text to Order   (303) 229-9382

The Process
We'll be dropping cattle off for your side and quarter orders at the butcher in June. Orders will be ready for you to pickup in July. You'll pay Snow Creek Ranch for the beef and the butcher for the processing. Here is how you do it. Call us if you have questions.
Step 1 - Place your order
Call or text us with your order for sides and quarters at (303) 229-9382. Give us your contact information and pay your deposit to Snow Creek Ranch to reserve your beef. Note that quarters are standard cut and have no choices. Custom cutting is available on sides and larger. You will give your cutting instructions directly to the butcher.
Step 2 - Pay your balance
When we know your actual take home beef weight (about 4 weeks after the cattle drive) we’ll figure out your balance. When your balance is paid, you can go to the butcher and pick up your order.
Step 3 - Pay the butcher and pick up your beef
The butcher we use is near Ft. Collins. Go there, pay the processing fees, and pick up your beef. Take blankets to wrap your beef in until you get home.
The Cuts
We sell our Pure Gourmet Angus in whole, half, and quarter quantities. The cuts from a quarter beef would require about 4 to 5 cubic feet of freezer space. We work with butchers that custom cut and wrap.

The chart below gives a rough idea of the types and amounts of cuts you could expect from a quarter of a beef. With our genetics you'll ususally get approximately 5% more of the premium steaks than with other beef. Actual results will vary; this is supplied as a guide.

Check out these pictures for more information about beef packaging.

The Cost
When you buy a quarter, our beef sells for $10.36 per pound of packaged meat -- the meat you take home. When you buy a half ("a side") or more, it goes for $9.27 per pound of packaged meat. Snow Creek Ranch requires a $250.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve a quarter beef.
Typical quarter beefs run about 110 pounds. If you got exactly that much beef and if you did typical standard processing, this COST ESTIMATES table shows about what you'd pay:
as of 3/1/2016
Packaged Meat Weight
110 lbs.
220 lbs.
440 lbs.
Balance to SCR


Butcher fees are approximately $150 - $175 for a quarter and approximately $300 - $350 for a half. Actual butcher fees vary depending on cutting instructions and weight. Butcher fees are extra and are paid directly to the butcher.
Butcher Info & Decoder Ring (PDF)

Pricing subject to change.
 Call or Text to Order   (303) 229-9382